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The pain of losing a loved one can be a hard obstacle to overcome when designing a monument. Often this process thou can help in the healing process by creating an avenue to honor the life of the one that has passed. We have a guide below to help you threw the steps needed to complete the design process.

The Location of the stone.


One of the first steps in design is determining what the cemeteries requirements are. This is very important and can cause major problems down the line if not addressed from the beginning. Ideally you will want to contact the cemetery and get all the regulations that will dictate what you are able to design. Most have both maximum and minimum requirements. Some cemeteries have almost no requirements while others may have a long list. Once this information is gathered the design process can begin. After a design has been created we recommend getting a signed statement from the cemetery approve the design before it is fabricated.



The next consideration is do you want a more traditional stone or something more unique. It’s a bit like picking a house color. Do you want to blend in to the neighborhood or stand out? This is a good change to try and match the stone to the personality of the deceased.


Next budget would need to be considered. The size and color of a stone will affect the cost as well as the intricacy of the design. Often a rule of thumb is doubling the size add 60% to the cost. We will give you a final cost before you are asked to make a purchase.



Once a budget and color are determined we will guide you threw the process of creating you monument. You can send us pictures of stone you like or a sketch of an idea you have. Often our only limitation is you imagination. We can also provide our ideas as will if needed. We also will try and guide you in the 

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