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MN-06 Angel

I just wanted to thank you and Stone Spectrum for all your support during our most devastating ordeal with the loss of our mother. My two sisters and I had no ideal the huge undertaking it would be trying to find a monument that would describe our mother.

We searched every where possible from the United States to China. I was searching late one evening and while searching, I cried out to God for direction as everything I could find was double the amount we had available to spend. I found Stone Spectrum and was overjoyed at the beautiful stones available. Not only were the stones beautiful, the service was outstanding. I didn’t feel like just a number, I felt like a person. Your attentiveness our my pain was so endearing. For this my sister’s and I are forever grateful. We would recommend Stone Spectrum to any and everyone suffering a loss.

Thank you again for all your support. As our mother’s stone states PRECIOUS ARE THE MEMORIES: this sentiment will be forever in our hearts.

Cynthia D Jordan

Angela R. Clark

Tracy Ratliff-White