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Jen Hall

My family just can not say enough great things about Stone Spectrum. We had them design and make us two monuments. One for my mother and one for my precious little Kenra. It was a long process but when your trying to get something just the way you imagine it in your head sometimes that takes time. Brandon in the design department was excellent. He made sure we did not move forward in the process until they were exactly as we wanted them. We also had the pleasure of working with Geoffry which is one of the owners of Stone Spectrum towards the end of our process. Geoffry was a pleasure to work with as well. He made all the final changes that needed to be made and again made sure we were completely satisfied with the monuments. Once that was settled he really got the ball rolling. They were completed in a timely manner and delivery was arranged. My family and I will look at these monuments and reflect on the wonderful times we shared together. They will bring us peace and comfort and we have Stone Spectrum to thank for that. So to all of you at Stone Spectrum on behave of my family we Thank You and May GOD Bless You All🙏